Full STEAM Ahead: Diversity in Action

Fun feature by Adina Solomon in the current issue of Diversity Magazine: “As schools cut art programs, the nonprofit Thrive Collective works to fill the gap.” “ART COMES ALIVE” As schools cut art programs, Thrive Collective is working hard to fill the gap..our latest Full STEAM Ahead feature-thank you! @jeremydelrio @NYCthrive @SterlingKBrown — Diversity…

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Let’s March Together for Education

Next Tuesday, March 27th, is National Education and Sharing Day. The day was first established by the United States Congress in 1978 to honor Rabbi M. M. Schneerson, who was a passionate advocate for children’s education. Rabbi Schneerson believed that education should focus not only on academic achievements, but also on character building. President Obama…

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Everyone’s an Artist, Like Pilar

Shout out to an extraordinary artist and teacher, Pilar Batista, who, together with Naomi Kuo, has been holding down our work at PS 310 and IS 117 in the Bronx this year. She started volunteering with us in 2014 as a high school junior, then became an intern and an apprentice artist, and last spring emerged as our youngest art director ever. A…

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Parent.Co Features #BringArtBack

The online journal features Thrive Collective’s Bring Art Back campaign in their new Parent Co. Stories video series sharing “authentic stories for curious parents.” Thank you, Brendan Bubion, for representing our story so well, and to Sam Wisneski, Nico Collazo, and Victoria Cruz for sharing your lives so honestly. Special thanks to Imago Creative, Brendan Bubion, and Christine…

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Time Lapse and Unveiling

Sierra High School officially unveiled the I’m Possible school mural in its permanent location on the main quad in the center of campus on June 1, 2017. Artist Ritchie Kong joined them for the ribbon cutting. Coinciding with the installation, UYWI released this time lapse video of the production. Watch the Time Lapse

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Meet the Artist: Peach Jin Tao

Where are you from? Born and raised in Beijing, China, I came to the US for college. What do you enjoy doing with Thrive? So far I did one project with Thrive. I helped co-design and paint the Welcome mural for the elementary school PS 236 in the Bronx. See the Portfolio for the Welcome mural at…

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Meet the Artist: Marissa Molina

Where are you from? Long Island, NY What do you like to do with Thrive? I love inspiring the students to express themselves in new ways and to never give up How did you first get started with Thrive? I met Jeremy through training martial arts with Kekoa. Since Kekoa knew I was an artist…

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Meet Thrive’s Artists!

Here at Thrive, we’re privileged to work with a lot of talented artists who help us bring murals, music, art, and media programs to schools throughout the city. Starting today, we’re going to introduce you to who they are and where they’re from, among other things. Please look forward to meeting the artists!

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Meet Vicky from the Bronx

Acclaimed artist Domingo Zapata invites the NYC art world to re-create a public school system befitting the art capital of the world. “If they can afford a painting of mine, then they can afford to help.” Reflecting on her time learning from Domingo and other Thrive Collective artists, Bronx high school student Vicky recalls: “The…

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