PS 60: Imagine Believe Achieve

Featuring Art Direction by Marissa Moline and Christian Penn (Staten Island 2022)
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Thrive Collective partnered with Projectivity Group to produce a series of indoor and outdoor murals at PS 60 in Staten Island. Artists Marissa Molina and Christian Penn worked with staff and students to complete this massive, 100ft x 10ft wall in the school’s back courtyard. Staff collaborated with students to come up with a design showing a character opening a book, out of which emanate images representing different school subjects. Overall, the mural showcases seven different subjects and four diverse students engaging with the subjects. The mural gained tons of positive feedback from neighborhood kids who were using the park on the weekends we were installing it!

PS 60: Imagine Believe Achieve (3 of 3)

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Project Details

Imagine Believe Achieve
PS 60 (2022)

• Art Direction: Marissa Molina and Christian Penn
• Contributing Artists Jon Neville, Exit
• 1000 Square Feet
• Latex, Acrylic, and Spray paint on Brick
• Sponsored by DCLA, Projectivity Group, PS 60

  • Elementary School
  • Exterior

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