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layup at basketball tournament

Hoopin’ it since ’94

You might wonder how Thrive Sports has been organizing 3-on-3 basketball tournaments for 24 years, when it only launched officially last month. Here’s how. Collage from past AGM/Xcel tournaments. Jeremy produced his first basketball tournament in 1994 for Abounding Grace Ministries, and they’ve continued the Lower East Side tradition ever since. Accounting for one unfortunate…

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9/11 Hero Rick Del Rio Battles Ground Zero Cancer

An Important Announcement Concerning Thrive Collective’s Community Liaison Rick Del Rio From the Abounding Grace Ministries website. On April 9, 2018, Pastor Rick Del Rio was officially diagnosed with a form of Thyroid Cancer that his doctors certified as related to his work at Ground Zero after 9/11. The doctors believe that they have caught…

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Thrive in Puerto Rico

Thrive Collective’s community outreach director Pastor Rick Del Rio of Abounding Grace Ministries flew to Puerto Rico this morning to assist the recovery efforts there. He’ll be working with Urban Strategies, World Vision, Somebody Cares, and other global humanitarian agencies as a liaison with underserved communities throughout the island, including Arecibo and Cayey, where his…

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