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Harnessing the Power of Story

Every student with a smart phone walks around with a multimedia production studio in her pocket. Technology that less than a decade ago would have cost thousands and filled a spare room now defines a generation.

Why School Media?

School Media embraces the shift and empowers students to leverage their creative capacities to live and tell great stories using the tools they carry with them every day. Teaching Artists introduce the basics of storytelling — the who, what, when, where, how, and why — through film, photography, social and digital media. Our flagship program Little FilmMakers was piloted in East Harlem and expanded to three Brooklyn and Queens schools in 2015-2016. Enjoy our School Media Portfolio of student videos here.

Christine Casado started making movies at age ten when her parents gave her a camera for Christmas and continued into adulthood as the founder of Casado Events.

Holding a camera for the first time was like gold in my hand, a very magical moment.

– Christine Casado, School Media Director

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