Coach Damian Rosado

Sports Commissioner

Thrive Sports Commissioner

Coach Damian Rosado co-founded and leads Thrive Sports, bringing a lifetime of youth sports and recreation experience. For twenty years, he has coached at every level from recreational leagues to PSAL, AAU, and college; has organized hundreds of basketball, football, baseball, and soccer leagues, clinics, and tournaments around the country; and facilitated health and wellness programs for inner city children and youth. Coach Damian couples compassion and coaching to combine athletics and character formation with young people. Over the years, Coach Damian has worked extensively with the NYC Parks Department and the NYC Department of Corrections along with schools and numerous faith and community-based non-profits to organize leagues and tournaments and structured play in dozens of neighborhoods in every borough (and Rikers Island), and as far away as Tijuana, Mexico. He also serves as a chaplain with the New York State Chaplain Task Force, and as the Youth Empowerment Network Manager with BronxConnect.

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Fall 2020 Basketball Tournaments

Thrive Sports Presents Tournament of Champions 1-Day Tournament 2-Game Elimination 3-on-3 Basketball 4-Player Rosters Junior Division, 13-15 years old Senior Division, 16-18 years old COVID-19…

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layup at basketball tournament

Hoopin’ it since ’94

You might wonder how Thrive Sports has been organizing 3-on-3 basketball tournaments for 24 years, when it only launched officially last month. Here’s how. Collage…

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