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Bring Thrive Sports to any park, gym, or schoolyard in any neighborhood at any time, and within thirty minutes we’ll organize group games, skills and drills clinics, or tournament play. Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, punchball, skully — you name the sport and we can teach it. Our spring training clinics, champions league tournaments, and even old-fashioned structured play support fitness, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Promote fitness and teamwork through structured play.

Bring Sports Back

Thrive Sports brings together Thrive Collective and Coach Damian Rosado of Sunset Park, building on a combined 55 years of sports-related, youth development programming in New York City.

Each year, our tournaments, leagues, and skills and drills clinics serve 2,500 children and teens citywide. Our network of community partners, student athletes, and 100+ public schools provides the foundation for the movement.

Give today to bring sports back to underserved NYC schools and playgrounds.

Thrive’s coaches passionately integrate sports and life skills to build character and performance in student athletes.

Sunset Park Recreation Center kept me off the streets as a kid and helped me become a champion at life. Thrive Sports is how I live as a champion.

– Damian Rosado, Sports Commissioner

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