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Experience the story of Thrive Collective in real time, as we co-create a world where every student and school can thrive — without exception or condition.

Why Hip Hop Education?

Hip Hop Provides a Voice, Name, Movement, Community, and Knowledge. That’s why we teach it. In this video, Thrive Collective’s…

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Partner Spotlight: NeON Arts

Thrive Collective has proudly partnered with Carnegie Hall and NYC Department of Probation as a NeON Arts provider since 2018.…

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Thrive Collective artists and mentors in Oakland
School Partners USA

Thrive Collective proudly launches School Partners USA today. To our friends in Dallas, San Diego, and Oakland: let’s get busy!…

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“Beloved” powerfully exposes the lies and trauma of human trafficking. It also embodies the power and possibility of “remote learning”…

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R.H.Y.M.E. Open Mic

R.H.Y.M.E. (Rhymes Help Young Minds Excel) Online is a virtual educational Hip Hop youth program that teaches mic skills and…

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From Student Drawings to Designs

Thrive Teaching Artist Michela Muserra demonstrates how she integrates student drawings directly into mural designs. Watch the animations.…

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NeON Arts Digital Media

Thrive Media Director Christine Casado During the the Covid-19 pandemic, Thrive Collective provided our Summer Media Academy remotely in partnership…

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Post COVID Mural Making

In 2020, despite COVID-19 scheduling disruptions and NY’s months-long stay home order, our incredible team of artists and students completed…

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Happy Holidays!

🎄🎉 Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and happiest of holidays this year. From all of us at Thrive Collective…

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