School Mentors

Matching Students and Purposeful Adults

School Mentors nurture trusting, intergenerational relationships between students and mentors that cultivate life and vocational skills necessary to thrive. We create a safe space for a small group mentoring experience for up to 36 weeks that combines regular meals, topical conversations, recreation and outings, and one-on-one communication.

Why School Mentors?

School Mentors improves educational and life outcomes for public middle and/or high school students by matching them with purposeful adults for yearlong, school-based life and vocational mentoring. Through small group mentoring during dinner two or three times a month, School Mentors teaches responsible citizenship while cultivating character and life skills, educational and career options, and professional relationships and networks.

Mentors teach leadership and responsible citizenship through a participatory experience built on five foundational ideas. Thriving citizens:

  • Take Action (Reject Passivity)
  • Embrace Responsibility
  • Serve Humbly
  • Lead Courageously
  • Love Sacrificially

Create a Brotherhood

Watch Harlem high school students and
Wall Street executives create a brotherhood at
Harlem Village Academies High School.

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