What People are Saying

It's Unanimous: #BringArtBack






“Projects like this turn good schools into great schools and good kids into great students.”

Public Officials

“This mural will stand as a reminder of what’s possible!”


“Helping them be more human.”

kevin-palau“When you can get the community engaged in a local school, when you can get people who don’t necessarily have their kids in the local school to be a part of it, it begins to change people’s attitudes towards their neighborhood.”

– Kevin Palau, President of the Luis Palau Association

“Inter-generational collaborations foster a long-term view of community building that values the unique contributions every generation can offer. We are delighted to house this mural as a lasting symbol of hospitality and goodwill”

– George Jensen, Board Chair of the Norwegian Christian Home

mark-matlock“When we’re involved in our communities and we’re helping people be the best that they can be, when we’re tapping into the visual and creative arts and getting their imaginations going, we are helping them be more human.”

– Mark Matlock, President of Youth Specialties

“This is the kind of project that both builds confidence in students and helps them to see how their gifts and talents can be given back to make meaningful contributions to their community.”

– Paul Curtis, Storefront Art Center and Crossroad Christian Church