24 Years Of Sportsmanship

Thrive Sports Hosts 24th Annual AGM/Xcel 3-on-3 Tournament

24 Years of Sportsmanship

Thrive Sports hosted its 24th annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament on July 13th in the Lower East Side. (Read the backstory here.) Since 1994, we’ve been nurturing champions through basketball. Here’s how we do it.

First, the community commits to a day. In the Lower East Side, our flagship tournament features the ministry that birthed us, Abounding Grace Church, and others, notably FCA and DJ Ty King. Partners engage. Volunteers sign up. Churches, nonprofits, and neighbors advertise the tournament and recruit coaches and players. Permits and entertainment are secured.

Next, the day arrives, along with interns and volunteers ready and motivated to work hard … and hot. They set up tables, tents, chairs, and carnival games; grill food for lunch at noon; and support each team as coaches and mentors. They replenish water jugs and fill the court with a caring (and competitive) atmosphere. The greet every player and spectator with a smile, and later serve hot dogs and burgers to fill their stomachs.

Soon enough, enthusiastic players come around to compete in two age divisions. Volunteer coaches guide their squads on the court while others keep score. Refs maintain control in both winners and losers brackets under the watchful supervision of Coach Damian Rosado. The DJ keeps the bass bumping, while emcees talk trash playfully from the microphone.

The day heats up as the sun shines late into the afternoon with minimal cloud coverage. The division semis and final games draw the largest crowds of the day, before championships are won and trophies distributed.

This year, New York City Council Member Carlina Rivera joined us to show her support and congratulate players for choosing to better themselves through sports.

Enjoy the Photo Diary below.

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