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Thrive Collective R.H.Y.M.E Rhymes Help Young Minds Excel music and mentoring youth program in partnership with Speak Lyfe, Projectivity and PS/MS 105 Q The Bay School Class 302, presents “HWPO” (HARD WORK PAYS OFF)

Students of class 302 know a thing or two about hard work. Whether in the classroom, in the community or at home. Challenges are sure to arise and when they do, students from class 302 will be ready to rise too! Rise to the occasion with diligence, dedication and motivational bars. Class 302 collaborated with Speak Lyfe / R.H.Y.M.E teaching artists, Lawrence and Paul Coles to write and record an original song and film a music video. The song “HWPO” is musical  motivation students need to keep moving forward and to even move mountains.  As scholars from class 302 prepare to graduate from middle school and enter the next chapter of their lives, they’ll have this song to fuel their dreams.


PS/MS 105Q The Bay School

Class 302

Teaching artists: Lawrence & Paul Coles

Video by: Marcus Hall

Audio engineer: Christian Penn

Shirts by: Art Save

Cover art by Rob Ayala

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Visit the official PS/MS 105 Q Music page here 


Randy Mason

Bronx NYC independent Hip Hop artist (rapper/percussionist) Husband, father, youth educator/mentor. Thrive Collective NY Director. R.H.Y.M.E Director.

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