School Media 2022

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Film instructor Alexandra Speith along with the help of project manager Steven Cifuentes taught 5th -8th graders twice a week in Manhattan’s Lower East Side School, PS /MS 34 and  3rd -4th graders at Brooklyn’s PS 282 Park Slope School. Students made a documentary on the art at PS/MS 34 and a documentary about the pandemic at Ps 282 along with many short films and music videos. Students went through a series of larger themes such as “character”, “tracking shots”, “horror”, “high comedy”, and “music videos”. They watched scenes from Airplane!, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Cruella Devil and more. They were introduced to film techniques such as green screen use, story-boarding, b-roll and some basic audio recording. Students would discuss a concept briefly and watch film examples. Students were prompted to come up with a film in the style of what they had watched. Speith states “I encouraged the kids to take total ownership of the projects they created. In my experience as an independent filmmaker, I feel it important to let the kids come up with as much as they can. I sincerely hope these kids get the opportunity to continue their development as filmmakers, directors, and actors. They were incredibly smart and talented. I look forward to seeing what they continue to make.”


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Thrive Collective Media Director

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