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The Power of a Hot Dog

Life consists of little things, consistently experienced over time. Eleven years ago, a neighborhood church started the movement that became Thrive Collective by sponsoring a year-end BBQ for the students and staff of PS/MS 34 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. No one expected murals, music, mentoring, and more to ensue as a result of those…

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“Be the Change,” Like Nico

One of our greatest joys at Thrive Collective is empowering local artists to live their dreams while they create beauty collaboratively with the world around them. Consider Nico Collazo, teaching artist and art director for “Dream Walls 2.0” at PS/MS 34 this year (2017), and his fiancee Cynthia Dunston. In 2014, Nico was a student…

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Father’s Day Gratitude

Shout out to all the incredible dads fathering their children well, and to all the uncles, grandfathers, brothers, cousins, neighbors, godfathers, mentors, coaches, teachers, clergy, youth workers, volunteers, single mothers, and all the rest who step up when dads are absent. Happy Fathers Day! This photo is of Jeremy Del Rio’s father Pastor Rick Del…

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ABC News Celebrates School Mentors

Tiempo (3/29/15) Watch Manny Delgado talk about the impact of School Mentors on his life: “I cannot say that I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t for them. I’ve grown so much, even having the confidence to say hello to anybody was something I wouldn’t be able to do.” (Clip begins at 1:33)

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