Jessica Olah


The “I Am NYC” collaboration with the High School of Telecommunications, Arts, and Technology is a case study in why we love collaborating with teachers and NYC high school students. This, from first year art teacher Veronica Giurdanella: “This will be the view for every student attending HSTAT in Bay Ridge from now on. The…

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Welcome to Bay Ridge

Fort Hamilton High School is one of the largest, most diverse public high schools in New York City, with 5,000 students. Situated in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn — the fastest growing Arabic community in the country and a magnet for immigrants from Latin America, China, South Asia, and Eastern Europe as well — this mural invites…

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PS 127: I Am Brooklyn

With support from the Immigrants Cultural Fund, Thrive Collective provided visual arts classes at PS 127 in the Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn that explored the school’s immigrant cultural diversity and collaboratively produced the I Am Brooklyn schoolyard mural. Our multidisciplinary arts education and social development programming began in February, and empowered students, parents, volunteers, and faculty…

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