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Meet the Artist: Marissa Molina

Where are you from? Long Island, NY What do you like to do with Thrive? I love inspiring the students to express themselves in new ways and to never give up How did you first get started with Thrive? I met Jeremy through training martial arts with Kekoa. Since Kekoa knew I was an artist…

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Meet Thrive’s Artists!

Here at Thrive, we’re privileged to work with a lot of talented artists who help us bring murals, music, art, and media programs to schools throughout the city. Starting today, we’re going to introduce you to who they are and where they’re from, among other things. Please look forward to meeting the artists!

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2016 Thrive Collective Mural Celebration

Work Hard. Then Celebrate (17 Times)!

What’s better than to celebrate twelve murals, a South Bronx art festival, three recitals, and three film festivals throughout the city? Celebrating this accomplishment with all our friends! The completion of public art, whether murals, music, or media, testafies to the creative capacities of our students and their communities. From local art stores and artist…

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