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Uplifting Community Visions at P.S./M.S. 183 Q

The playground murals were titled, “A Space to Dream,” and featured quilt-like borders inspired by Faith Ringgold. Art as a Catalyst for Change Our seventh mural at P.S/M.S 183 Q Dr. Richard Green School is complete! Made possible through Art as a Catalyst for Change, a city-wide program initiated by several NYC Council members and…

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P.S. 18 A School of Superheroes

We the Power Credits for the mural. Photo: Vanesa ÁlvarezDíaz Taking their creative powers to new heights, teaching artists Vanesa and Arantxa transformed eighty-seven students and eleven faculty members into community superheroes at P.S. 18 this spring! The artists completed the three-story mural along the stairwells of P.S. 18 Edward Bush Elementary School.  Titled We…

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A Bright and Lively Community Mural

Kadeem Phillip, art director, beside the mural’s centerpiece portrait Dream Neighborhood With their newly completed 908 square foot “Arverne Adventure” mural, the students of M.S. 42 Q Robert Vernam are demonstrating that dreaming big pays off! Created under the artistic direction of Kadeem Phillip and project management of Lourdes Rojo, students collaboratively envisioned their dream…

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School Spotlight—The Ryer Ave. Elementary School

Recognizing In-House Heroes While the recently completed mural makeover at P.S. 9, The Ryer Avenue Elementary School, celebrates Bronx-born heroes and legends like Sonia Sotomayor, Stan Lee, MC Debbie Dee, and Neil deGrasse Tyson on the walls, it also celebrates the impact that people are making within the walls of P.S. 9! Tats Cru represents…

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Celebrating Community Excellence at P.S. 249

“A Culture of Learning and of Love” Only six NYC public schools received the National Blue Ribbon Award this year from the US Department of Education. Our beloved school partner P.S. 249 The Caton School was one of the six! They honored Thrive Collective by inviting us to cut the ribbon for our newest mural…

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“Weaving the World” Ribbon Cutting Celebration at P.S. 249

The Blue-Ribbon Mural The event to recognize P.S. 249 as one of only six New York City Schools to achieve National  Blue Ribbon status began and concluded around a new mural, Weaving the World, that Caton School art club members created with Thrive Collective’s  Sal Chen and Peach Tao. All imagery for the mural came…

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