Cory Booker giving speech

Cory Booker

“Why do we tolerate a world where children born with God’s genius are going to schools that are not nurturing that genius and manifesting the divine within them? You’ve answered a call to do more, to act more.”

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Hon. Bill de Blasio

“By uniting students, parents, artists, and community stakeholders through arts education and mentoring programs in low income neighborhoods, Thrive Collective is empowering the next generation to rise and fostering a more equitable tomorrow. I commend its efforts as my administration works to provide all New Yorkers with opportunities to participate fully in the cultural life…

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Vincent Gentile

“These students instill life and vitality into our neighborhood every single day. This mural will stand as a reminder of what is possible when communities and schools come together with students for sustainable change. I am proud to support projects that nurture a vision of community engagement at this age, and propel children into lifetimes…

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Hakeem Jefferies

“This mural reflects the resilience and the energy and the willingness of the people on Coney Island to get back up … after being knocked down to the ground.”

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Fernando Cabrera

“School Murals provides children an interactive way of learning, not just the academics, but how to work together, to acquire social skills, to be able to strategize. It’s very important to have groups like Thrive Collective partner with schools, because the Board of Education cannot do it alone.”

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