Advancing Together X Night at the Museum

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So, this happened last night. Enjoy the completed portfolio here.

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Last fall Kekoa and I sat in the grass of Washington Sq Park and shared a big blank page of his sketchbook for the first time. I started by drawing his face and he followed by drawing mine right next to it, forming our two heads into the shape of a heart. We continued to cleverly play off each other’s doodles and laugh the day away. Since then we worked on a number of murals and different art projects together, and have really gotten to sharpen this team of ours. Last night we represented @nycthrive at the MCCA Diversity Gala in the Museum of Natural History with a live painting for auction and showcasing under the blue whale. What a surreal experience. Thank you for this opportunity to express and celebrate #advancingtogether. #bringartback #wearethrive

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