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So this happened on Saturday. How was your weekend?

What a privilege to celebrate the Grand Opening of the UrbanLife Youth and Family Center in the Lower Bottoms neighborhood of West Oakland. The all-star collaboration between Kekoa (from Thrive) and Eric and Shawana (from UrbanLife), Lamorinda Construction, Camer1, and dozens of sponsors and volunteers absolutely crushed it. Their leadership, vision, and teamwork transformed the space and made “Next” gorgeous.

We are so grateful to Lauren, Meg, Ketchum, and the entire Clorox team who made the #WhatComesNextProject magic happen for Thrive for a second consecutive year — this time in Oakland! Thank you for investing in clean beginnings and fresh starts.

Photos by Josh Edelson for Clorox / EdelsonPhotography.com

UrbanLife Grand Opening

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