Captain Jack's Wonder Voyage

Featuring Art Direction by Michela Muserra (Brooklyn 2017)
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What a privilege to be trusted with “Captain Jack’s Wonder Voyage” at PS/MS 282 this year. This mural celebrates the life and creative energy of Jack Roberts, a pre-K student at the school whose life was tragically cut short in 2016.

On Father’s Day, we dedicated the mural with Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, Principal Rashan Hoke, Jack’s family and friends, the PS/MS 282 PTO (who commissioned the project), and our team, including many of the artists and Park Slope Tabernacle volunteers who made the mural possible.

Captain Jack’s Wonder Voyage

Our Wonder Voyage designers were the Pre-K through 2nd Grade students at PS/MS 282, approximately 250 in all.

PS/MS 282: Student Muralists

Assisting them were scores of parents and volunteers from Park Slope Tabernacle, Hope for New York, Greenacres Baptist Church, and many more.

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Project Details

PS/MS 282: Captain Jack's Wonder Voyage
School Elective (Brooklyn 2016)

• Art Direction & Teaching Artist: Michela Mussera
• Project Management: Daniel Sanabria
• Exterior Schoolyard Wall
• 800 Square Feet
• Acrylic and spray paint on concrete
• Sponsored by PS/MS 282 PTO, Sherwin Williams, Park Slope Tabernacle

  • Accredited Elective
  • Elementary School
  • Exterior
  • Weekend

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