Crossroads JC: Growth

Featuring Art Direction by Nico Collazo (Brooklyn 2021)
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What does growth mean to you? Regardless of the rooms we find ourselves in, we’re capable of thinking and aspiring for things beyond the walls around us. We were to explore some of these ideas with participating residents, seeing how steps large or small can bring us closer to having more peace, hope, strength, and beyond. Many thanks to everyone at Crossroads for showing us just how close growth can be and the steps to reach it.

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Project Details

Crossroads Juvenile Center (2021)

• Art Direction: Nico Collazo
• 103 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Drywall
• Contributing Artists @importance_of_daydreams
• Sponsored by Crossroads Juvenile Center, Carnegie Hall and residents of G Hall

  • Intensive
  • Interior

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