Cycloptic Merman

Featuring Art Direction by DAZE (Brooklyn 2016)
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Our first (of two) Summer Intensive 2016 featured a second consecutive Coney Art Walls mural project art directed by Chris Daze Ellis. Daze’s “Cycloptic Merman” concept revolves around a central figure that blends two iconic Coney Island characters, surrounded by vignettes depicting Coney Island traditions and culture. Daze invited our students, interns, and teaching artists to design the vignettes and gave them creative control over their concepts. The resulting collaborative piece is a show-stopper.

Enjoy the finished mural.

Our summer students crushed it.


Why Daze Collaborates

Artist Daze speaks about the importance of collaborating with students.

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Project Details

Coney Art Walls: Cycloptic Merman
Summer Intensive (Brooklyn 2016)

• Art Direction: Chris Daze Ellis
• Featuring students from five schools
• Acrylic and spray paint
• 250 square feet
• Sponsored by Jeffrey Deitch and Thor Equities

  • Exterior
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Summer Intensive

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