Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration: Dr. Seuss to Papoose

Featuring Art Direction by Ashley “Awesum” Crawford (Brooklyn 2023)
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The theme Dr Seuss to Papoose was a loose starting point for the students to begin brainstorming ideas considering how to interpret literacy in all its forms. Through these activities they expressed their visions they had for their futures and how their educational career has shaped those futures. Leading artist Ashley “Awesum” Crawford incorporated drawings and ideas the students created based off of their in class lessons such as the electronics, characters, animals and the text reading “Write the book, don’t let it right you”. This theme was inspired by the school’s literacy program because it had created opportunities for their students to meet many artists and join arts programs. Along with celebrating their students, the principal wanted to also give flowers to their beloved teachers of the school. One teacher in particular was Leslie Moses. He was a core pillar of leadership for the students and staff of the school. His presence impacted everyone in the school for the better and was the person who represented the school in all its core values before he passed away in the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020.
The students selected to participate in painting the mural ranged from 6th to 12th grade from ages 12-18 years young. The program ran for 14 weeks and was instructed by both Thrive artists, Ashley and Plushie and artist assistants, Danny Diodato, Kenneth Tooley and Merari Hernandez. Once the program had been completed, Principal Mosely invited the family of Mr. Moses to the ribbon cutting in order to pay respects and memorialize him. After eulogies were shared from students and staff alike, his family cut the ribbon and the mural was revealed. It was a beautiful and touching collaboration of labor and love with everyone involved and that experience will echo with the students as they continue taking steps into their future.

Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration: Dr. Seuss to Papoose (2023)

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Project Details

Dr. Seuss to Papoose
Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration (2023)

• Art Direction: Ashley “Awesum” Crawford
• Contributing Artists: Plushie, Kenneth Tooley, Danny Diodato, and Merari Hernandez
• 380 Square Feet
• Interior Acrylic Paint on Polytab canvases
• Sponsored by NYC DOE

  • High School
  • Interior
  • Middle School

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