Dragon Lion Medley

Featuring Art Direction by Peach Tao for Chinatown Mural Project (2020)
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“Do you like watching Lion Dancing during Lunar New Year?” Thrive artist Peach Tao asks. Then celebrate with a visit to her new “Dragon Lion Medley” community mural for the Chinatown Mural Project at East Broadway and Division Street. Enjoy iconic Chinatown establishments in the design including PS 23, Wo Hop, Hop Kee, and more.  Special thanks to the team of artists from Thrive and Chinatown Mural Project who helped beat the cold to finish the mural, including: Abby Walsh,  Michela Muserra, Will DeNatale@abhifornow @ting_ing_ng_ and @skioding.

Chinatown: Dragon Lion Medley (2020)


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Project Details

Dragon Lion Medley
East Broadway and Division Street, Chinatown (Manhattan 2020)

• Art Direction: Peach Tao
• 200 Square Feet
• Latex and acrylic on brick and concrete
• Sponsored by Chinatown Mural Project, #NYTougherThanEver / Philip Lim & Ruba

  • Community Mural
  • Exterior
  • Intensive
  • Private Collection

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