Jill Chaifetz HS: Every Journey

Featuring Art Direction by Marissa Molina (2018)
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The “Every Journey” mural is Thrive Collective’s first collaboration with Carnegie Hall’s NeON Arts program. Betsy G., a junior at Jill Chaifetz Transfer High School, said this about its impact:

“I just want to say, ‘Thank you.’ We started by making our own art, and I didn’t think mine was very good. But you kept saying I was doing a good job. Then you included it in the design, and now I see my work in the mural. And the mural is awesome. I didn’t think I could do something like this.”

During the ribbon cutting for Betsy’s masterpiece, Principal Benitez surprised us by showing the school’s next t-shirt design, featuring Betsy’s artwork. Thank you NeON Arts, Carnegie Hall, Pinkerton Foundation, and the NYC Dept. of Probation for believing in Betsy. The “Every Journey” mural features art direction by Marissa Molina.

Jill Chaifetz High School: Every Journey (2018)

Jill Chaifetz High School: Production

Jill Chaifetz High School: Ribbon Cutting

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Project Details

Every Journey
Jill Chaifetz Transfer High School (Bronx 2018)

• Art Direction & Teaching Artist: Marissa Molina
• Interior Classroom
• 250 square feet
• Acrylic and latex on plaster
• Sponsored by Carnegie Hall, NeON Arts, Pinkerton Foundation, NYC Department of Probation

  • Accredited Elective
  • After School
  • High School
  • Interior

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