Sierra High School: ImPossible

Featuring Art Direction by Ritchie Kong, with Ronnie Robles (LA 2017)
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The mission, which we chose to accept: instigate, mobilize, and help facilitate a new school partnership nearly 3,000 miles away to complete our first School Murals project in Los Angeles.

Our phenomenal collaborators: Urban Youth Workers Institute, which was hosting its national conference with 1,500 youth workers at Azusa Pacific University; Neighborhood Homework House, a local after school youth center; artists Ritchie Kong (@chicreate) and Ronnie Robles (@whereuatro) of Urban Arts Outreach and ISI Crew; Azusa Unified School District and nearby Sierra High School; and eighteen students from NHH and from Ms. Elaine Stricklan’s murals class at Sierra HS.

The theme: “I’m Possible.”

Unveiling by Ritchie Kong

Time Lapse by UYWI

Special thanks to:

  • Larry Acosta and Robert Aboites of UYWI for saying yes and fully sponsoring the project;
  • Jennifer Hicks, the enterprising executive director at Neighborhood Homework House who went all-in as point person and found the perfect school for the partnership;
  • Elaine Stricklin, the extraordinary art teacher at Sierra High School who has been teaching mural making at the school for twenty years; and
  • Art director Ritchie Kong, who collaborated with Thrive Collective in New York in December on the Holidays Thrive mural, and fully embraced the opportunity to lead this collaborative school mural back home in LA.

The mural was later installed on Sierra High School’s main quad.

ImPossible LA (2017)

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Project Details

Sierra High School: ImPossible
Intensive (Los Angeles 2017)

• Art Direction & Teaching Artist: Ritchie Kong
• Guest Artist: Ronnie Robles
• 160 Square Feet
• Acrylic and spray paint on plywood
• Sponsored by Urban Youth Workers Institute, Neighborhood Homework House, ISI Crew, Urban Arts Outreach, Underdog Murals

  • Exterior
  • High School
  • Intensive

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