John Dewey HS: Go Dragons

Featuring Art Direction by Mr. Kaves (Brooklyn 2022)
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“Go Dragons” is a project that was made to uplift the current and future students of John Dewey High School. With the help of the school’s Mural Club, the design was based on the discussions had whilst doing drawing activities together. These discussions shed light on how much the students and staff felt had been affected by the pandemic and how much they needed a means of unity and enthusiasm for the school. The students ranged between 15 to 17 years old. Local mural artist Mr. Kaves designed the piece and painted it in the school’s gym. Chosen by staff member Robert Butler and Sam Escalera for it’s importance and connection to the students and their school events/club usage.

Special Thanks:

Principal Heather Adelle, Mr. Butler, Ms. Escalera, & Ms. Simonsen

John Dewey Mural Club – Evelyn Alonso, Ailin Cobos, Barbara Martinez, George Taliferro, Rula Phan, Aalisah Wynn, Binnie Wong



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Project Details

Go Dragons
John Dewey HS (2022)

• Art Direction: Mr. Kaves
• 500 Square Feet
• Medium
• Sponsored by DCLA, DYCD, John Dewey HS

  • High School
  • Interior

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