Loisaida Center: Loisaida

Featuring Art Direction by Marissa Molina (Manhattan 2022)
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Mural Program Director Marissa Molina designed and produced this mural for Loisaida, Inc. (also known as The Loisaida Center), a community-based organization in Lower Manhattan empowering low-income Latino residents through a variety of multidisciplinary programs and initiatives. Read more about The Loisaida Center here.

As Marissa notes in the video above, Thrive Collective and The Loisaida Center have a history of partnering for positive change. “Loisaida” is a small token of our appreciation for the work that The Loisaida Center does. Hear more from Marissa about our collaboration with The Loisaida Center, the production process, and the significance of the mural in the above video, which was produced by their YouTube channel.

Loisaida Center: Loisaida (2022)

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Project Details

Loisaida Center (2022)

• Art Direction: Marissa Molina @minhafofa
• Contributing Artists: Andrea Amanda, Merari Hernandez, Joshua Gabriel, Danny Diodato, and Sydney Tirado
• Sponsored by The Loisaida Center

  • Community Center
  • Community Mural
  • Exterior

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