Love and Serve the City

Featuring Art Direction by Sam Wisneski and Kekoa (Manhattan 2016)
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Thrive Collective joined NY CityServe at the Movement Day Global Cities conference at the Jacob Javits Center on October 25-27, 2016.

Friends from all over the world helped us create a collaborative mural by answering a simple question: “How should we love and serve our cities?” When the art installation was completed, it served as a beautiful backdrop for CityServe’s Accelerate 2.0 Fall Celebration.

Movement Day Global Cities

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Project Details

Love and Serve the City
NY CityServe / Movement Day Global Cities (Manhattan 2016)

• Art Direction: Sam Wisneski & Kekoa
• Interior entrance lobby
• 32 square feet
• Acrylic on canvas
• Sponsored by NY CityServe, Movement Day Global Cities

  • Canvas
  • Intensive

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