Marie Curie HS: Oasis

Featuring Art Direction by Will DeNatale and Cori Santana (The Bronx 2021)
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Where do you find your oasis? The students of Marie Curie HS have an idea of just how this looks for them and their greater community. As their school pours into the students’ growth, a stream of inspiration flows from their halls to outside their school walls. Projects like this one hold value in giving students more space to imagine bright futures for their community while also bringing a sense ease as students walk in to school for the day. Thank you to the community at Marie Curie HS for showing us how our spaces can look with intention and peace, serving as a reminder to ground oneself in community and spaces that inspire growth.

Marie Curie HS: Oasis

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Project Details

Marie Curie High School (2021)

• Art Direction: Will DeNatale and Cori Santana
• 226 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Brick
• Sponsored by NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, NY City Artist Corps, and NY Department of Education

  • Exterior
  • High School
  • Summer Intensive

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