Greetings from Brownsville

Featuring Art Direction by Nick Collazo (Brooklyn 2021)
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GREETINGS FROM BROWNSVILLE 💌 Journeying through our summer rising adventures, we bring a postcard glimpse into the rich culture and community that is Brownsville. Our team was given the privilege to work with the staff and students at Metropolitan Diploma Plus HS and Brooklyn Democracy Academy to show the unity and Caribbean pride present at their schools and beyond. As the community in these schools remembers and honors the lives of late BDA principal, Ms. Romain, and known rapper and former student, Pop Smoke, healing and success both become leading aspirations. May we all continue to work towards healing and strive for success as Metro DPHS has inspired us to do in this time.

MDPHS: Greetings from Brownsville

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Project Details

Greetings from Brownsville
Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School (2021)

• Art Direction: Nicolas Collazo
• 442 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Concrete
• Contributing Artists @s.j.uhey
• Sponsored by New York City Artist Corps

  • Exterior
  • High School

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