PS 249: Weaving The World

Featuring Art Direction by Peach Tao (Brooklyn 2022)
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The theme for the mural, “Weaving the World,” aptly describes the school’s Blue Ribbon celebration.  The community’s interwoven support for one another was apparent as students, teachers, principals, council members, parents, staff, school partners, and supporters all gathered to share in the joyous recognition of their exemplary school community.

Participating students from 4th and 5th grade after-school art club explained what the mural they created with Thrive Collective meant to them: “We can’t believe we are standing here in front of what used to be a plain blank wall. Well, we decided we are not a plain blank wall kind of school. We are a bright school, a colorful school, a brilliant school… We are P.S. 249, The Caton School, and we are a National Blue Ribbon School.”

Another student added: “This mural is a collection of our drawings and ideas about how we’re connected. Do you notice all the ribbon? These are the ribbons that weave our school together.”

PS249: Weaving The World

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Project Details

Weaving the World
PS 249 (2022)

• Art Direction: Peach Tao
• Contributing Artists: Sally Chen, Danny Diodato, Plushie, Marissa Molina
• 355 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Brick
• Sponsored by Council Member Matthieu Eugiene, Rita Joseph, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Cultural Immigration Fund, Connect Life Church, Principal Elisa Brown

  • Elementary School
  • Exterior

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