PS 58X: I Am East Tremont

Featuring Art Direction by Sam Wisneski & Pilar Batista (Bronx 2016)
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Neighbors in East Tremont section of the Bronx have something great to brag about: the I Am East Tremont school mural at PS 58x.

The mural highlights the diversity of the neighborhood, the various activities the students enjoy doing in school, and noteworthy people in the community such as the Coquito Lady and firefighters.

If you find yourself on Washington St. and East Tremont, don’t forget to stop by and admire the mural.

For extra credit: can you identify Mrs. Gunn the principal?

Mural process and finished product.

PS 58X: I Am East Tremont

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Project Details

I Am East Tremont
PS 58X
In-Class & Weekends (Bronx 2016)
Teaching Artist: Pilar Batista
Art Direction: Sam Wisneski & Pilar Batista
500 square feet
Exterior schoolyard wall
Acrylic and spray paint on brick

  • Accredited Elective
  • Elementary School
  • Exterior
  • Weekend

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