PS/MS 34: Make Your Mark

Featuring Art Direction by Sarah Mellon (Manhattan 2022)
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Painted on canvas, this mural was produced by art elective and after-school program students at the home of the jaguars: PS/MS 34. All elements and characters displayed on the 90 sq. ft. canvas came from student ideas and sketches. In this mural, we see a jaguar—the school’s mascot—growing in a concrete jungle and leaving its colorful marks behind and beyond, into the sky. Fun was had all throughout the process, and the students’ response was enthusiastic. We now see this canvas hanging in the school’s hallway.

PS/MS 34: Make Your Mark (2022)

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Project Details

Make Your Mark
P.S./M.S. 34 (2022)

• Art Direction: Sarah Mellon
• 90 Square Feet
• Acrylic on Canvas
• Contributing Artists: Peach Tao (@peacheeblue ), Joshua Gabriel, Savannah Zambrano (@unlazyart), Chris Colon and @plushiesworkshop
• Sponsored by NYC Council Member Carlin’s Rivera, NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Abounding Grace NYC and Principal Bryan Glover

  • Canvas
  • Middle School

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