PS 42Q: A Train of Thought

Featuring Art Direction by Will DeNatale (Queens 2021)
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After much dialogue and analysis of the concept of art and mural work, the scholars at PS 42Q came to simple message to summarize what both convey, growth. Aside from deep intellect these students seem to carry in conversation, the playful process of growth was evident as they began to understand more of the idea of interacting and creating art and putting our hands to work. Thank you to PS 42Q for showing us how digging deep can allow new ideas to bloom and help us grow to better understand ourselves and the things around us 🌱

PS 42Q: A Train of Thought

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Project Details

A Train of Thought
P.S. 42Q (2021)

• Art Direction: Will DeNatale
• 716 Square Feet
• Mixed Media on Brick
• Contributing Artists @minhafofa @unlazyart @peacheeblue
• Sponsored by Council Member Donavan Richards, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Art as Catalyst for Change, Title 1 PAC, and Principal Finn

  • Elementary School
  • Exterior

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