Do You Love It?

Featuring Art Direction by Kekoa (2016-2018)
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Thrive Collective proudly called this space at the Salvation Army Social Services Building home from November 2015 – January 2018. We are grateful to the Salvation Army Greater New York for being such a phenomenal partner and for the gift of such an extraordinary space to launch a movement.  We moved in without any furniture, but lots of paint and Kekoa, who made the magic happen for both our offices and visual arts studio.

Salvation Army Office Space

Some highlights from the space over the years, courtesy of Instagram.

Carnival games: fun with friends. #ArtistLife #WeAreThrive #BringArtBack

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Late night #ThriveStudio fun. #SchoolMurals #WeAreThrive #WeServe

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Project Details

Do You Love It?
Art Direction: Kekoa

• Acrylic on Drywall
• 600'
• Sponsored by Salvation Army, NY CityServe, Sherwin Williams

  • Community Mural
  • Intensive
  • Interior

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