Bay Ridge Kindness

Featuring Art Direction by Toofly, with Jon Souza (2020)
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Thank you Council Member Justin Brannan and Lowen’s Pharmacy for supporting public art in Bay Ridge and beyond!

“No more ugly brown wall by Lowen’s on 69th & 3rd thanks to the folks at Thrive Collective!

“Art has always helped us process and heal from trauma. The collective global trauma caused by COVID19 is unprecedented. Considering the vital need for real artistic and creative engagement in this time of fear and uncertainty, Thrive Collective has doubled down on their efforts to ensure access to arts resources for New York City youth! More to come so stay tuned!

“Thanks to Lowen’s for letting us do this! BOSS (RIP)” – NYC Council Member Justin Brannan, via Facebook

KBTV Bay Ridge

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Project Details

Lowen's Pharmacy, 3rd Ave & 69th St
Art Direction: Toofly with Jon "Phes" Souza

• Mixed Media on Brick
• 300'
• Sponsored by Hip Hop Hall of Fame, Gateway City Church, NYC Council Member Justin Brannan, NYC Culture, NYC Youth

  • Community Mural
  • Exterior
  • Intensive
  • Private Collection

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