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How Should We Love and Serve Our Cities?

Thrive Collective joined NY CityServe at the Movement Day Global Cities conference at the Jacob Javits Center on October 25-27, 2016. Friends from all over the world helped us create a collaborative mural by answering a simple question: “How should we love and serve our cities?” When the art installation was completed, it served as…

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New Year, New Studio

Thank you to our partners NY CityServe and Salvation Army, for making possible our new Thrive Studio on West 14th Street, near Union Square! Studio interns and artists wanted. Photos of the studio build-out. Finished photos coming soon. Our @nycthrive Studio is taking shape! Thank you #Kekoa! #ThriveCollective #SchoolMurals #WeServe #SchoolPartnersNYC @nycityserve A photo posted by Jeremy…

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Supplying Smiles and More

“Thank you!” from 3,000 students and 8 public schools who received #WeServe school supplies in October 2015. As part of SchoolPartners.NYC‘s #WeServe campaign, Thrive Collective partnered with NY CityServe, the Luis Palau Association, World Vision, and neighborhood churches to distribute school supplies to 3,000 students at eight elementary schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and…

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Project 25 Students Invoke Change

In 2015 — Project 25’s Pilot Year in NYC — Project 25 NYC: Distributed 27 mini-grants of $100 each … To 390 student leaders … At 28 NYC public schools … Who launched 13 projects … Volunteered 4,883 hours … And raised $5,828 for social causes like clean water and fighting poverty. Stay tuned for…

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