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“Thank you!” from 3,000 students and 8 public schools who received #WeServe school supplies in October 2015.

As part of SchoolPartners.NYC‘s #WeServe campaign, Thrive Collective partnered with NY CityServe, the Luis Palau Association, World Vision, and neighborhood churches to distribute school supplies to 3,000 students at eight elementary schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens, together with the Bronx schools World Vision New York already serves through their Teacher Resource Center. Thank you for your support.

Participating Schools

  • Brooklyn: PS 67 Charles Dorsey
  • Manhattan: PS 2 Meyer London & PS 163 Alfred E. Smith
  • Queens: PS 151 Lyndon B. Johnson & PS/IS 155
  • Staten Island: PS 18 John Whittier, PS 41 New Dorp & PS 78

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