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The Power of a Hot Dog

Life consists of little things, consistently experienced over time. Eleven years ago, a neighborhood church started the movement that became Thrive Collective by sponsoring a year-end BBQ for the students and staff of PS/MS 34 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. No one expected murals, music, mentoring, and more to ensue as a result of those…

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Mural Volunteers Prep, Paint, & Party

Spring 2018 volunteer opportunities now online! Go here to register. More opportunities will be posted every month. An average mural schedule looks something like this, and volunteers can sign up for morning or afternoon shifts: Day 1 — Prepare the walls, 9-5 No skill required. Day 2 — Image Transfer Day, 9-5 Moderate skill level required. Day 3…

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Father’s Day Gratitude

Shout out to all the incredible dads fathering their children well, and to all the uncles, grandfathers, brothers, cousins, neighbors, godfathers, mentors, coaches, teachers, clergy, youth workers, volunteers, single mothers, and all the rest who step up when dads are absent. Happy Fathers Day! This photo is of Jeremy Del Rio’s father Pastor Rick Del…

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Why Should Parents Get Involved?

Why should parents get involved with Thrive Collective? “Learning goes beyond the classroom, and this is truly beyond the classroom. … Sometimes we get stuck in the everyday, and this gives us a chance to do something beautiful. … Working on the painting with my daughter and my husband and the rest of the community…

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Why We LOVE Faith Motivated Volunteers

On April 8th, twenty-five incredible volunteers from Christian Cultural Center prepped three school mural projects at MS 42, MS 183, and PS 282. Then they produced this video to challenge their congregation to help #BringArtBack to NYC public schools. Watch the video to find why faith motivated volunteers are some of our most dedicated. Sign…

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Volunteers Crush Prep for Lent

For those of you who think you can’t volunteer with School Murals because, “I’m not an artist,” this third grader has been muraling with Thrive Collective since age 2. On Saturday he returned to MS 42 in Arverne (the Rockaways) because he says, “Art inspires me to try new things.” Follow his lead and create…

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Thank you, “Loving Our Neighbor” Volunteers!

“I’ve been trying to find ways to get my kids involved and helping other people. A lot of us don’t know each other but we came together for a common goal to paint this mural because it shows that it’s a form of sacrifice and that we care about the community and it’s appearance.” Thanks…

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Supplying Smiles and More

“Thank you!” from 3,000 students and 8 public schools who received #WeServe school supplies in October 2015. As part of SchoolPartners.NYC‘s #WeServe campaign, Thrive Collective partnered with NY CityServe, the Luis Palau Association, World Vision, and neighborhood churches to distribute school supplies to 3,000 students at eight elementary schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and…

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thrive's core strategy

Core Strategy: What We Do

Ed note: The contents of this page are reproduced from the original 20/20 Vision for School’s website for archival reference. 20/20 Vision for Schools mobilizes and equips New Yorkers of all social sectors to engage the issues of sustainable reform in meaningful ways. (Read more about our original mission and purpose.) We achieve this by…

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