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Mural Volunteers Prep, Paint, & Party

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Spring 2018 volunteer opportunities now online! Go here to register. More opportunities will be posted every month.

An average mural schedule looks something like this, and volunteers can sign up for morning or afternoon shifts:

  1. Day 1 — Prepare the walls, 9-5
    No skill required.
  2. Day 2 — Image Transfer Day, 9-5
    Moderate skill level required.
  3. Day 3 — Painting Day, 9-5
    All skill levels required.
  4. Day 4 — Painting Day, 9-5
    All skill levels required.
  5. Day 5 — Painting Day, 9-5
    All skill levels required.
  6. Day 6 — Finishing Day, 9-5
    Moderate – High skill levels required.
  7. Day 7 — Celebration Saturday, 10-4*
    Inflatables, games, food, entertainment, and fun.
    * Set-up, 10-11 // Party, 11-3 // Clean-up, 3-4

Register as a volunteer by signing up for as many hours on as many Saturdays as you would like here.

Note: On Painting days, children from age 5 and above will be permitted to paint the walls from 9-1, but only adults and teens will be permitted to paint from 1-5. Childcare will be provided for children grades 5 and younger throughout the project.

Preview the calendar.

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