Thank you, “Loving Our Neighbor” Volunteers!

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“I’ve been trying to find ways to get my kids involved and helping other people. A lot of us don’t know each other but we came together for a common goal to paint this mural because it shows that it’s a form of sacrifice and that we care about the community and it’s appearance.”

Thanks to all the amazing “Loving Our Neighbor Service Day” volunteers who prepared six schoolyard walls for upcoming school murals on April 16th.
NY CityServe’s second annual Loving Our Neighbor #WeServe campaign saw over 70 volunteers from Nyack College, Liberty City, YUCA Arts, United Church of Jesus Christ, Trinity Grace, community members and students from local schools join together to scrape, prime, grid, and, in one case, repair concrete, at schools in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx:
  • PS 333 and PS 335, Longwood (Bronx)
  • PS 58, East Tremont (Bronx)
  • PS 236, Mount Hope (Bronx)
  • PS 104, Fort Hamilton (Brooklyn)
  • PS 127, Bay Ridge (Brooklyn)
  • PS/IS 42, Arverne (Queens)

Collectively they served seven schools and 3,480 students.

Loving Our Neighbor service day partnered with Thrive Collective’s larger School Murals program that empowers students and schools to thrive. School Murals is about the process of creating a platform for students to find their voice, cultivate a shared vision, and develop the life skills to bring that vision to life in collaboration with others. The murals will be a testament that the process works. It works because it’s rooted in two fundamental beliefs. First, everyone has the capacity to create. Second, that creative capacity isn’t fully realized outside of community with others.

For more information on NY CityServe and how you can get involved in volunteer opportunities in the areas of Justice, Mercy and Education please visit
Join Thrive in service all spring as students create masterpiece lives and beautify the world around them.

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