Randy Mason

Studio Arts and Hip Hop Director
Randy Mason
Randy Mason
Hip Hoppin' HeART Director

Studio Arts and Hip Hop Director

Randy Mason is a NYC emcee and art educator from the Bronx who uses his passion for hip hop to help today’s youth find their voice and build community. As a father, husband, recording artist, author, educator and pastor, Ran draws from a deep well of unique and diverse experiences to tell stories through songs, engaging audiences of all kinds in a way that is real, relevant, meaningful and memorable. 

Randy recognizes that hip hop gives students “mic skills and life skills.” They’re learning figurative language, improvisation, creative writing and thinking, and poetry, all while having fun. Students use the four elements of hip hop to discover their voice (emceeing), movement (break dancing), a community (DJing), and their name (graffiti).

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Art A Catalyst for Change - Queens Culminating Event

NYC Council Feels the HeART Beat

Watch Randy Mason produce the HeART Beat Festival for 500 Queens middle school students, sponsored by the NYC Council’s anti-gun violence initiative.

Official Music Video

Get Busy (2019)

Watch Randy Mason’s latest music video.

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