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An Audacious Vision

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Ed note: The contents of this page are reproduced from the original 20/20 Vision for School’s website for archival reference.

“Why do we tolerate a world where children born with God’s genius are going to school in environments that are not nurturing that genius and manifesting the divine within them? You’ve all been called here today with a great purpose. You’ve answered a call to do more, to act more. To show that the only poverty in this world that challenges us is not material poverty, but a poverty of faith, a poverty of imagination, a poverty of love and compassion, a poverty of action.” – Newark Mayor Cory Booker to 20/20 Vision for Schools organizers, September 18, 2008

Our Vision

We see college and career ready students graduating equitably across demographics and neighborhoods, with the skills and character necessary for life. We see an open-sourced standard of excellence replicated in city school districts and sustainable because of the responsibility shared by students and community partners.

Envision the Future with Us

By the year 2020, 20/20 Vision for Schools envisions …

  • A generation for whom the promise of public education is realized, equitably across demographics and neighborhoods, regardless of students’ race or economic status.
  • The high school class of 2020 creating a new benchmark for student achievement.
  • Public school students graduating college and career ready in record numbers, proficient in math, reading, and other academic disciplines and equipped with the character necessary to achieve their full potential.
  • A pipeline of student leaders in every city school create a culture of achievement in classrooms, student clubs, and community services.
  • Accountable leadership prioritizing student interests above their own and collaborating around shared purposes and complementary skills, rather than competing over territorial self-interests.
  • Community Stakeholders from all social sectors partnering for sustainable education reform.
  • An open-sourced standard of educational excellence replicated in other urban school districts and sustainable for generations because of the shared responsibility vested in Community Stakeholders.

Download our Leadership Report and Action Plan (Fall 2008) (pdf).

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