Collaborative Art: A Transformational Force within Communities

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Thrive Collective exemplifies “collaborative art as a transformational force to strengthen community and enhance well-being.” So said the University of Chicago in a best practice research report by Dr. Adriana V. Madzharov, Ph.D., Professor at the School of Business at the Stevens Institute of Technology, and her colleagues in the October 2019 issue of The Journal of the Association of Consumer Research in “Collaborative Art: A Transformational Force within Communities.” Here’s the article abstract:

This article provides a new perspective on collaborative art as a transformational force to strengthen community and enhance well-being. We outline a best practices-based framework to foster community-based, collaborative art such as cocreated community murals. Specifically, we identify a strategic and successive process for collaborative art initiatives by integrating the academic literature on art, aesthetics, community, and consumer research together with the practices of arts organizations working to transform communities through participatory, cocreated art. The article highlights the contributions of this work to academic research, public policy, and community organizing efforts and outlines questions to encourage more researchers and practitioners to investigate the dynamics of collaborative art to transform communities.

Download the full report here and Appendix O: Thrive Collective.

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