NYC Homecoming Week Murals

Featuring Sixteen All-Star Muralists (2021)

Sixteen All-Star Muralists x Homecoming Week

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As part of New York City’s “It’s Time for Hip Hop in NYC” experience and emphasizing the historical connection between Hip Hop and graffiti art, Thrive Collective—a nonprofit that creates hope and opportunity through arts, sports, and mentoring in and around public schools—has curated a roster of standout New York City street artists that will create live, temporary art installations during the concerts.

“Public art transforms public spaces and awakens our imagination,” said Jeremy Del Rio, Executive Director of Thrive Collective. “Graffiti writers and muralists make art accessible for all New Yorkers. NYC Homecoming Week features an intergenerational selection of artists and styles that represent the beautiful diversity of New York City.”

Full Press Release (8/16/21)

Homecoming Week Murals

Sponsored by NYC Mayor’s Office and the Universal Hip Hop Museum.

Sixteen All-Star Muralists

The Bronx

  • John “Crash” Matos
  • Wilfredo “Bio” Feliciano, Tats Cru
  • Sotero “BG183” Ortiz, Tats Cru
  • Hector “Nicer” Nazario, Tats Cru

Staten Island

  • Marc “Cramcept” Mazurkiewicz
  • Adam “ADM” McLeer, LOB
  • Michael “Lask” McDonald
  • Jeff “Air3” Allen


  • David “Chino” Villorente, BYI
  • Robin “Ribs ” Padro, GAK
  • Jenna Morello
  • Michela “Miki Mu” Muserra


  • Maria “Toofly” Castillo
  • Bianca Romero
  • Jin “Peach” Tao
  • Marissa Molina

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