Books, Beats, & Bars: Jackie Robinson

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R.H.Y.M.E x The Point CDC x Bronx Arts Elementary

Rhymes help young minds excel 2022 Winter music and mentoring program in collaboration with The Point CDC and Bronx Arts Elementary. 2nd grade scholars met with Thrive Collective teaching artist, Randy Mason twice a week for 12 weeks as part of the R.H.Y.M.E Books Beats & Bars Hip Hop songwriting program. Students learned about Jackie Robinson, African American baseball player, legend and pioneer by reading the book “Jackie Robinson” by Edward Farrell. Students then made the connection between lyrics and literature, story telling an songwriting by turning Jackie’s story based on the book into bars. Scholars created an original Hip Hop song  recorded at La Bodega Studio in the Bronx. Shout out to all of the amazing students, and to all of our incredible partners for coming together to create something so meaningful and memorable. Stay tuned! R.H.Y.M.E is coming soon to a school near you.

Lead teaching artist Randy Mason
Beat by Christian Penn
Recording done at La Bodega Studio / engineered by Hitz.
Music video by Eric Mason
Covert Art by Rob Ayala

Randy Mason

Husband / Dad / Indie Rapper / R.H.Y.M.E + Hip Hop & Studio Arts Director at Thrive Collective

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