Ladoru x Thrive Collective

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What an inspiring story! Thank you, Ladoru, for reminding us why we do what we do, and for so generously investing in others. 10% of all profits made between 9/24-10/31 will be donated to Thrive Collective. 💥🙏❤

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“Art changes people, people change the world.” – Anonymous

“Several years ago I attended an art show hosted by Thrive Collective. It was a beautiful event that showcased their students work while fundraising for future programs and mentors.

“I left that event feeling so inspired that I doodled the artwork (left) using their logo that I tore from the event’s program. I then found myself drawing a blueprint of a facility in a different country that provided work for women while also creating opportunities for children to explore their identity through arts and sports.

“One night, one event, one experience watered a seed within me, and now years later I am taking steps towards making that dream a reality. Small steps, but mighty steps. I can only imagine the kind of influence that Thrive Collective has on their students through their mentorship programs and organization.

“Art is a beautiful tool that can help us tap into the transformative power that lives within us all.

“By partnering with @nycthrive we are contributing to their efforts to eradicate artless education, restore play in playgrounds, and activate adult mentors in student lives. Join us today!” – Ladoru

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