Little kids, big art! Ridge school makes mural

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Thrive Collective proudly collaborated with Lutheran Elementary School in Brooklyn for our first non-public school mural project this year. The Brooklyn Daily reported:

Who says they don’t teach art in schools anymore?!

Bay Ridge artists, students, teachers, and community members painted a mural at Lutheran Elementary School on June 4. The day taught kids how to contribute to society while also imparted creativity, one contributing artist said.

“Using the murals gives them a chance to intentionally be creative,” said muralist and parent Sam Wisneski. “It empowers and enables students to strengthen their imagination and to explore that side of themselves, so ultimately they can be successful in life — no matter what it is that they pursue.”

Wisneski helped design the mural and taught children the basics of painting — skills he said many artists take for granted.

An introduction to art can be intimidating, but it gives pupils confidence and long-lasting positive experiences, another artist said.

“I feel like the greatest part of this is the kids make an impression when they put the paintbrush to the wall. It creates memories. They’ll always remember when they painted the school,” said Michael “Kaves” McLear, a Bay Ridge tattoo artist and acclaimed graffiti writer.

Full article here.

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