Mentors Talk SEX with Teens

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You guessed it. Year after year, the topic that ignites the most passion in teen boys remains sex.

Since October, twenty-five Young Life boys from Harlem Village Academy High School and eighteen men from New Canaan Society have met on the first and third Tuesday of every month to explore what real manhood looks like for fathers, professionals, neighbors, women, and, yes, teens growing into the role.

The third Tuesday in April we talked SEX in part two of our “Treat Her Like a Lady: Love Sacrificially” series.

A hand drawn sign greeted the mentors as we arrived at the school and set the tone for the evening: “My Body Is Not Your Plaything!” The boys opened up quickly about the pressures of growing up in a hyper-sexualized culture that objectifies women and glorifies sexploits. Much love and appreciation for mentors who have the courage to go “there” graciously with students who want to step up and live differently.

Contact us if you are interested in mentoring high school or middle school students within 15 minutes of your home, job, or place of worship.

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